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You probably come across me by referral, thats where 90% of my clients come from. Why ? Because I do a really good job for my clients, many become friends during the process of finding the right home or perfect piece of land. I work with 2-3 clients at a time, thats the way I like it, so do my customers. Your not just an open file in a pile on a desk with a big team. Your an individual that should demand excellent service, communication and someone who is actually interested in you- Not just another deal, Thats my philosophy, I know you will appreciate it

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Finding the right property is generally not easy. People are pretty picky about the biggest investment of their lives and should be. I will search and search and search until the right property comes along. It may take some time but will be worth the effort. I am sure you will agree

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Lets find out what you are looking for and also explore some options


Electronic or old school either way I can handle the details for you, Voice, text ,email I am always quick to respond

From Kootenai to Bonner County....CDA-Post Falls-Hayden-Rathdrum...Know the area like the back of my hand 

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Tom Craig Realty



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